Jan 13 2011

Rooster Cafe

Today my travels took me to Rooster Café in Costa Mesa. I caught their ad in OC Weekly when I was out grabbing coffee the other day and I decided that Matt and I should check it out.

The restaurant is located in a little cul-de-sac next to a cool looking hair salon and a hole in the wall bar. There wasn’t a ton of parking so Matt and I drove around for a few minutes before we found something.

Rooster is a quaint café with walk up service.  Breakfast is served all day, and there is an interesting mix of patrons, at least when I was there. They have a small amount of seating inside, and a few 4person umbrella tables outside.

They do accept credit cards however I’d make sure to bring cash because there is a fee for credit card usage.

Matt and I both had the breakfast burrito. Mine had bacon Matt’s had sausage.

I was happy with the size of the burrito, and the salsa it came with was excellent. There was no skimping on the fillings except the cheese.  I felt the burrito was a little dry. I ended up using both salsas to moisten it up. Next time I’d ask for extra cheese. Matt enjoyed his burrito and didn’t use the salsa at all, I guess its just a matter of preference. For me, the more cheese the better. I think it sort of melds all of the flavors together.

I noticed the girls sitting next to us shared a veggie sandwich on squaw bread. It looked really good. I think I’d defiantly like to go back and try a few other things on the menu.

The service was friendly, and fast. There was a note on their website and at the bottom of the menu letting us know that “All plates made to order; patience grasshopper, patience” I thought we’d be in for a long wait. We were in for a pleasant surprise. – The wait wasn’t anything unusual. We had enough time to take in our surroundings, enjoy our beverage and chat for a bit and then our food arrived.

The coffee is good and hot, the water was cucumber infused (a nice touch I thought) and presented next to the soda dispenser in a galvanized jug.

The menu is a nice size, breakfast items are mostly egg based, a few with a Mexican flare. Lunch choices are sandwiches and salads.

Some of the lunch option I want to try: Tuna melt, the Randolph (a BLT with turkey and avacado), and the cobb salad.

Menu choices aren’t anything unusual, but the restaurant vibe is friendly and comfortable. It seems like a great place to go to a casual lunch or breakfast to catch up with friends or hang out for a few hours reading and enjoying a coffee.

96.3% of their produce comes from local farmers markets.  I love that i am finding so many restaurants buy local. Supporting your local community and farmers is such an easy thing to do.

**I do want to mention that I caught wind of Rooster Café open selected days of the week for Rooster PM.  I did some hunting around online and I found this


I plan on checking it out some evening.  Sounds good!

Check out Rooster Café. You can find them at

750 Saint Clair St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or give them a call at 714.754.1944

Check out their full menu at http://www.eatatrooster.com