Jan 2 2011

Valhalla Table

On the lunch menu today: Valhalla Table.

“Valhalla Table is where urban warriors gather to feast on curiously unique, house-made and all natural sausages, chef influenced street food along with other great grub fit for Odin.  A place where craft beer is in abundance, friends exchange stories of valor and toast successes – all for the purpose of reviving the body and mind in preparation for life’s next adventure.”  – www.valhallatable.com

Valhalla Table (@valhalla_table) is a great place for the afternoon sausage sandwich and an order of belgian fries. Along with the usual Bratwurst and Italian sausages they also have more unique options such as:

-Chimichurri lamb & feta

-Duck, bacon & jalapeno*

-Wild boar Balinese

For the vegetarians out there they have

Spicy Italian*

-Spicy Mango Chikin*

In addition to delicious sausages they have salads, a few soups and a variety of “street food” appetizers.
I’ve tried the sausages in previous visits so today I decided to try Vegan Split Pea Soup and the Duck Sausage Tacos.

Truth be told I was a little apprehensive about ordering the Vegan split pea because as a split pea lover I really love the bacon or ham in it (yum). Being vegan this would have neither. Triumph! The split pea was delish! It was warm, slightly creamy and full of flavor (and the hit of pepper was nice too)

The Duck Sausage Tacos were SO wonderful! The sausage was broken up and had a ground beef texture. The meat was slightly sweet and had a little kick to it as well. The cilantro and red onion added a nice balance of crunch, and freshness. The squeeze of lime balanced the fat of the sausage and the onion/cilantro. I will be ordering those again FOR SURE.

I love this restaurant for its casual feel, great food, and fun and unique location. Perfect for a casual date night, or a stop in for lunch.

Valhalla Table is located at: 2981 Bristol Street (The CAMP)  - Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone:  (714) 549-2960

You can also follow them on Twitter @Valhalla_Table

For that matter you can follow me on Twitter @courtneycaplin