Jan 6 2011


Hey everyone HeirloomLA is hosting a  Wine Tasting this Sunday at 3! Four Courses of Food, Five Flights of Wine, 20 Bucks at Silverlake Wine. Reservations Required 323.662.9024

I HIGHLY recommend this tasting. Silverlake Wine is a cool little wine shop in Silverlake, and HeirloomLA (besides being the caterer at my wedding) is the current Rock Star of the catering business. Their food is delicious and innovative! Matt and I had our tasting a few months ago and we were both so impressed with everything they presented to us.

Their signature item – the lasagna cupcake – is a perfect portion size and a fun take on the traditional lasagna. They have several different flavors (most available for take home AT Silverlake wine!

Some of their most popular flavors include: Wild Boar Bolognese and Fresh Mozzarella,
Short Rib and Robiola, Lamb Ragu and Fresh Mozzarella, Sage Brown Butter and Pumpkin with Smoked Mozzarella, Smoked Mac-n-Cheese, Confit Baby Artichoke with Fresh Mozzarella.

HeirloomLA buys their produce, and meats directly from local organic farms and farmers markets so everything you taste comes to you fresh!
Their menus will often be based on what is currently in season and looking good. No wilted salad greens here!
They also make all off their cheeses in house!

You can visit HeirloomLA on the web at HeirloomLA.com or you can follow them on Twitter @heirloomLA

Silverlake wine is located at:

2395 Glendale Blvd.
LA, CA 90039
Phone # is 323.662.9024